Build & Manage Your Insurance Referral Network

With Mitch Gibson, Insurance Producer and Podcast Host

Mitch Gibson

Insurance referral partnerships are a powerful tactic for insurance agencies to fuel their growth.

Mitch Gibson, insurance producer and host of The MVP Podcast discusses how he’s built referral partnerships with real estate and mortgage professionals and how he enables his partners and tracks referrals using Canopy Connect.

In this session we cover:

  • How to form mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • How to make it dead simple to send you quality referrals.
  • How to track and manage payouts and incentives.

We also dive into how Mitch uses a local podcast as a way to build his reputation and showcase the community, which in turn, helps him grow his business.

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Guests and Hosts

Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson broke into the insurance agency world with HRM  Insurance Service in Indiana in 2017 where he has skyrocketed to a top producer. He's also the host of The MVP Podcast on the Agency Intelligence Network where he interviews other up and coming insurance agents to exchange tools, tactics and strategies to help agents become Most Valuable Producers.

Robert Boerrigter
Robert Boerrigter is the Head of Agency Sales at Canopy Connect and he’s been working in sales for the past eight years. Over the last two years, he’s helped more than 1,000 agencies improve their business processes and close more revenue.

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